850w Impact Drill

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INGCO is devoted to making professional tools affordable. We believe that the quality of tools not only refers to the function, usability and appearance but also to efficiency and performance.

The INGCO level of quality and performance at the INGCO price point is unbeatable in the South African marketplace.


● 850W input power

● 13mm reversible key chuck

● No load speed: 0 – 2700rpm

● Two functions: hammer action and drill

● Variable speed with locking function

● Forward/reverse switch

What makes the INGCO 850W Industrial Impact Drill so capable in the demanding South African industrial environment? The answer lies in the components that make up this power tool and how it has been designed. The first place to look is always the motor. The INGCO motor has a bigger rotor and a bigger stator with high quality copper windings which means more power and efficiency and less stress on the machine. This gives the INGCO Impact Drill better performance and a longer lifetime. The INGCO Impact Drill has high quality bearings on the armature and the shaft which last longer and perform better. It uses coiled spring brush holders which means a firmer contact between the brushes and the armature leading to better performance. The gear on this drill is tempered and hardened and the high viscosity grease in the machine is high quality leading to better performance and longer lifetime. A high quality cooling fan and a high volume ventilation design cools off the motor faster. The design is rounded off with an ergonomic soft grip handle which makes this drill a pleasure to use. It is the attention to detail and the investment in high quality components combined with an obsession to design the best power tool in the world that sets INGCO apart from the rest of the pack. This is a power tool designed to perform and designed to last and it is offered at a price that is unbeatable at that quality and performance level.


INGCO products stand their ground against the major tools brands in the world. With a global distribution network the INGCO brand is fast becoming a name brand of its own.